2017 Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft: What I Think Will Happen

2017 Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft: What I Think Will Happen

Welcome to my final Philadelphia Eagles 2017 mock draft and the most important one I will write all year. This is the Eagles mock draft where I predict what I think will happen based on the information I have received, the scouting tape I’ve watched and the patterns of both this coaching staff and front office.

I have a pretty decent track record predicting who they will draft. Since 2012 I have correctly predicted Vinny Curry, Brandon Boykin, Lane Johnson, Taylor Hart, Carson Wentz and Alex McCalister. This year will be trickier though because the draft lacks elite talent at the top and the overall depth of this draft is going to push a lot of second and third round players into day 3. It’s really tough to project what players will be available in what round.

Here is my final Eagles mock draft or what I think will happen(or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb):

***TRADE*** Eagles Trade 14th Overall Pick to Kansas City for 27th and 59th Overall Picks

First Round, 27th Overall: Adoree Jackson CB/USC- In this trade scenario I have Kansas City moving up to take quarterback Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech. Alex Smith has peaked and the Chiefs know they can’t win a title with him, but the rest of their roster is good enough to contend. Smith can be released in 2018 for $17 million in cap relief. They will get their future franchise quarterback this year and prepare him to take over next year.

The Eagles move down 13 spots because the guys they really love, Christian McCaffrey, Gareon Conley, Corey Davis and O.J. Howard, are all gone. They could reach on a player like Charles Harris, but this way they can trade down and still get a player they really like while adding an extra second round pick.

Draft pick value charts will say the Chiefs got the better of this deal, but getting an extra second rounder in this draft is too good to pass up on.

Okay so about the actual player they take here, Jackson is an elite athlete at corner who does plenty more than just run fast. He plays the run incredibly well for a speed corner, he is a natural route jumper and he has outstanding feet. He still needs to work on things like body positioning, pressing and zone coverage, but he has the potential to be a top 5 corner in this league and he requires no extra help over the top.

Jackson will allow the defense to be more aggressive because of his speed, but you can also give him help over the top and let him jump routes against offenses that like to attack that way.

Second Round, 43rd Overall: Joe Mixon RB/Oklahoma- If Mixon is undrafted after the first 42 picks I can guarantee you that he will be an Eagle. He’s a character risk for sure, but he’s been clean off the field since he was 19. He’s also sought counseling and has been speaking out against violence to kids in the community. That doesn’t mean he’ll never get in trouble again, but it is something that helps a team feel better about taking on a risk like Mixon.

On the field Mixon is Ezekiel Elliott 2.0. He’s what I call a five tool running backs. He has the breakaway speed, he’s elusive, he’s a great receiver, he’s reliable in pass protection and he runs with power. He’s the total package and the type of player who can give you 1,500 total yards of offense right away. He’s a rare prospect and there’s a reason I ranked him second overall on my big board.

Second Round, 59th Overall(from KC): Sidney Jones CB/Washington- Getting an extra second round pick means the Eagles can afford to take a chance on Jones coming back to 100% after his achilles tear last month. And because they took Jackson in the first round they can even redshirt him(IR) for a year if they want to.

If healthy and back to his pre-injury form, Jones is the best corner in this draft. He has the best fit and ball skills and he can play any type of coverage.

Third Round, 99th Overall: Taywan Taylor WR/Western Kentucky-  The Eagles have made it clear that they want to draft a deep threat in this draft. Taylor doesn’t have elite speed, but he has enough to stretch the field. What will really win him over with the Eagles is his quickness and ability to get yards after the catch. He’s an ideal west coast offense wide out and I believe he can develop into the receiver we all though Josh Huff would eventually become.

Fourth Round, 108th Overall: George Kittle TE/Iowa- The Eagles don’t need to replace Zach Ertz, but with Brent Celek in the middle of a serious decline and Trey Burton not getting signed long-term they could certainly use a tight end to pair with Ertz.

Kittle is an ideal number two tight end in this offense. He’s a versatile player who is an elite blocker in space. He’ll allow the Eagles to play more 22 and 12 personnel(two tight end sets) and can also play the fullback role when needed.

Fourth Round, 139th Overall: Corn Elder CB/Miami- The Eagles need a quality slot corner badly. Last year they asked Jaylen Watkins and Malcolm Jenkins to cover in the slot a lot and it forced them to play a lot of single high coverage. I believe they will more to move press man coverage with their safeties helping out over the top so they can give their front four more time to get after the quarterback. Corn Elder will allow them to do that from day one.

If you haven’t seen his tape yet, I encourage you do to so, he’s a lot of fun. He’s a very quick and very physical corner with outstanding ball skills. He reminds me of a smaller Malcolm Jenkins when he came out of Ohio State. Not enough speed to stay on the outside, but he’s a natural fit inside. He was also the best gunner on special teams I saw on tape, so you get a ton of value with this pick and I think the Eagles will jump on that early on day 3.

Fifth Round, 155th Overall: Ryan Glasgow DT/Michigan- The pectoral injury to Beau Allen is really going to force the Eagles hand when it comes to draft another defensive tackle this year. The trade for Tim Jernigan helps their interior pass rush, but it leaves them a little bit thin in terms of their run defense up front.

Glasgow can take over that Beau Allen role until he comes back and probably take over his role full-time after the season at a much cheaper rate because Allen’s contract expires and Glasgow will still have three more years on that rookie contract.

Sixth Round, 196th Overall: Sam Rogers FB/Virginia Tech- The last two rounds of the draft are really just about finding guys with high ceilings that you think you can help them reach or finding players who have a decent shot at making your roster.

Rogers is a very versatile fullback who can also play tight end, running back and several other roles on special teams. He allows this offense to become even more versatile with their packages and he will immediately upgrade the run game.

Seventh Round, 232nd Overall: Ben Braden OT/OG/Michigan- Braden is a 6’6, 329 pound lineman who can play any OL spot except center so he becomes a very valuable reserve. His combine numbers were very similar to Cam Robinson and better than Antonio Garcia’s.

I know the Eagles have a ton of depth at offensive line right now, but what they don’t have is a reliable fourth tackle and another guard with more size. He gives them both with one pick and comes from a pro style offense which is a huge plus in this era of football.





















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