Shelton Gibson Post-Draft Film Study

Shelton Gibson Post-Draft Film Study

Shelton Gibson and the Philadelphia Eagles were connected so much during the 2017 NFL Draft that I am honestly shocked they were able to get him in the fifth round. There is a reason for that though, the Eagles wanted a deep threat and Gibson isn’t much more than a one-trick pony. But my god, that one trick is pretty damn impressive.

Gibson is a pure deep threat at wide receiver and not much else. DeSean Jackson was the same type of player when he came out and not much has changed, yet he still holds a ton of value.

STRENGTHS- Gibson is generally a one-trick pony, but he does do three things well overall. He runs really, really fast in a straight line, he tracks the ball very quickly and consistently comes down with it and he gives maximum effort as a blocker despite his size.

Gibson reminds me a lot of Devin Smith coming out. Smith was a promising deep threat as well who tracked the ball as well as any receiver in recent memory. Smith has been pretty forgettable as a pro because he’s had a couple ACL tears, but Gibson has that same skill set.

WEAKNESSES- Gibson doesn’t have the size or quickness to make much of an impact in the red zone. He’s also a pretty average route runner and not a great possession receiver. I also don’t see a ton of special teams ability outside of returning kicks, which he did do a lot of in college.

NFL PROJECTION- Gibson should be a very valuable role receiver because of his deep speed, ball tracking skills and how the defense has to adjust to the threat of the big play. He’ll keep the safeties out of the box and create a few big plays during his rookie campaign.

He has a chance to develop into a more complete receiver down the road, but even if he doesn’t he will have a valuable role in this league for as long as his legs allow him to.

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