Philadelphia Eagles Week 14 Playoff Scenarios

Philadelphia Eagles Week 14 Playoff Scenarios

The NFC Playoff picture will become a lot clearly after Sunday as two huge games featuring 4 potential NFC playoffs teams face-off, not to mention the huge NFC South showdown we saw Thursday might. On Sunday we have an early match-up of Vikings-Panthers followed by the biggest game of the week as the Eagles travel to LA to play the Rams.

A lot can happen this week as the Vikings can fall out of the 1 seed, the Rams can fall to second in the division and the Eagles could climb as high as first and as low as 3rd with the NFC East still up for grabs. No byes will be clinched this week, but the NFC East and North can and should get wrapped up this week.

Let’s take a look at the key scenarios in the NFC this week.

  • If the Vikings win or the Lions lose, the Vikings clinch the NFC North.
  • If the Eagles win or the Cowboys lose, the Eagles clinch the NFC East.
  • If the Eagles win and the Vikings lose, the Eagles will climb to 1st in the NFC and would win any tiebreaker over the Saints, Rams or Vikings(unless their conference record is worse than the Vikings or Saints).
  • If the Eagles lose, they will lose any non-conference record tiebreaker to the Rams, Saints, Vikings and Seahawks and will fall out of the top 2 seeds in the NFC.
  • If the Eagles win, the Vikings lose to the Panthers and the Seahawks lose to the Jaguars this week, then(hang on for this) the Eagles can clinch home field advantage in the NFC with a win next week against the Giants and a Vikings loss in Week 15 to the Bengals. The Eagles can also clinch home field advantage in the NFC with a win this week, a Vikings loss this week and a combination of two more Eagles wins or Vikings losses.
  • If the Eagles and Vikings win out, the Vikings would earn the top seed in the NFC based on the strength of victory tiebreaker.
  • If the Vikings beat the Panthers this week and the Bears in Week 17, then the Eagles will need at least one Vikings loss to earn home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


























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