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Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Week 1 Preview: 15 Players to Watch

Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Week 1 Preview: 15 Players to Watch

So let me start off by saying I am not at training camp . If you want to read detailed training camp reports, go check out bleedinggreennation.com, they do an amazing job. What I do here on my site is I read, watch and soak up as much info as I can get a hold of from the camp practices and I use that as a guide during the actual preseason games.

If I keep hearing about a player lighting it up or getting torched in camp, I want to see if that translates in an actual game. Watching a wide receiver torch a defensive back in a one-on-one drill in practice is one thing, but doing it on actual plays in a real game against a unfamiliar team is a whole other dimension.

I picked 15 Eagles player to keep an eye on during the first preseason game. 7 of the 15 are either wide receivers or defensive backs, the two biggest weak spots on this team last season. Most of the players on this list are getting rave reviews in practice, but one veteran is having an awful summer and may go from projected starter to victim of the first round of cuts.

It’s a really fascinating group of 15 and none of these guys are locks to start or have major roles early in the season. They all have a ton to play for over the next month.

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