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2018 NFL Draft: Top 10 Quarterback Prospects Pre-Season Edition

2018 NFL Draft: Top 10 Quarterback Prospects Pre-Season Edition


Let me just start this post off by proclaiming that this quarterback class is the best we have seen since the Elway-Marino class of 1983. That class featured three future Hall of Fame quarterbacks in the first round(Jim Kelly also went in the first round that year) and this class has a chance to equal that. I’m not guaranteeing that the top three quarterbacks will be Hall of Famers, but they have that kind of potential if things go right at the next level.

This class is top heavy with a strong middle and good depth at the bottom. In my top 10 I have 3 QBs I know will be franchise players, 2 more than could be franchise QBs, two wildcards that could be starters or not get drafted at all and three quarterbacks who project to be outstanding backup quarterbacks in this league for a long time.

This list will change throughout the draft process, as will any pre-season draft ranking list at any position. Some guys get hurt, some unknowns show great growth and some of the top guys completely fade out. I remember thinking that Christian Hackenberg was going to be a top 5 pick going into his final season at Penn State, but now I wonder why he is still in the NFL.

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