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2018 NFL Draft Journal: Senior Bowl Playmakers Edition

2018 NFL Draft Journal: Senior Bowl Playmakers Edition

The 2018 NFL Draft is starting to get a bit more interesting as we just 2 weeks away from the first 20 picks being set in stone. I would like to offer my congratulations to the Denver Broncos, the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers for probably costing themselves top 5 in April with wins this past week. The New York Giants almost short-passed their way out of a top two pick, but a key Eagles stop keeps them in the running for either Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold.

That’s actually a key story to watch over these last two weeks. If the Giants win one more game and the Colts lose their final two, based on the current strength of schedule the Colts would end up with the second overall pick. I know the Colts wouldn’t draft a quarterback, but they would definitely trade down with the highest bidder. Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold are elite quarterback prospects and the drop-off after them is significant.

Last week I spent a lot of time talking about the quarterbacks and I think I’ll beat that position to death the closer we get to the actual draft. This week I am focusing on the players who will be catching passes at the Senior Bowl. I already mentioned Memphis’s Anthony Miller last week, so I’ll focus on some lesser known wide receivers and a couple early round tight end prospects.

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